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What We Do

Crave Kitchen Santa Fe aims to bring food variety to the land of mañana. We are a seasonally inspired and crave driven kitchen that puts the menu options in your hands. Contact us and tell us about the dishes you crave and we will prepare it for you as authentically as possible to generate experiences of happiness through food.

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Meet the Chef | Renee Maher


Born and raised in Guam, Renee grew up helping her mother cook Filipino desserts for the family catering company. Immediately after graduating, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and entered the culinary industry.

With experience from Guam, Florida, California to the Philippines and many places in between, she focused on learning a diverse range of cooking styles and techniques. 

In her most recent role, she was one of two chefs who managed, cooked and curated seasonal menus from around the world for the Google Cloud executives and their business associates. 

Since moving to Santa Fe, she wishes to make international food more accessible and enjoyable. She looks forward to sharing her 15 years of experience, the excitement that food brings and the flavors of international and regional cuisine with her new city.

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